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Important Notice to GSS Administrators and Teachers
All teachers are expected to ensure all marks on the system are correct. The IQ and Administrators will be doing daily random checks to verify that the marks on the system are correct. Consequences will be given to those teachers who fail to verify that marks they entered in the system are correct because this will be seen as cheating.
  • Check the marks on the system is same as the marks on the markbook
  • Submit each week's marks on time
  • Be sure to submit marks in the correct weeknumber
  • Administrators are required to:
    1. Check marks in the system are same as the marks in the markbook
    2. Check new Mark Change Requests (MCRs) and update them if valid
    3. Check and follow up on Weekly Marks Entery reports
    4. Allocate teachers computer time for mark insertion.

How can you help in printing correct report card for the third quarter?
All those involved in the marks management program can help in the production of correct report cards. We need to ensure that all marks are correct on the system so we can print the report cards quickly and without errors. The following are some steps we all must take in order to print correct report cards.

1. Teachers must submit verified third quarter marks
2. All first quarter average subject marks must be verified.
3. Teachers must give extra effort in verifying second quarter marks
4. Conduct and Work Ethic marks must be submitted correctly for first, second, and third quarter.