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Parent Handbook
Parent Handbook
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Locations and Addresses
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Parent Handbook
Gibson School Systems Objectives and Goals: The Whole Child Approach
The Gibson School Systems was founded by one family in 1999 with a kindergarten and primary division with the desire to
Admission Requirements
Pre-Kindergarten-Students aged 3 up to 4 years who have had no prior education or who have been learning in a social
School Fees
The registration fee is 1000 birr. The fee for each quarter is 5800 birr. There are four quarters in the year. Fees are
In order to be registered, the following items must be provided. A) A copy of the birth certificate and vaccination
School Hours
The regular day begins of 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. Families must take care that their children arrive before
After School Program (ASP)
The after school program is from 3:00 to 5:15 p.m. each day. The ASP replaces the home teachers and helps families who
Policy Regarding GSS Staff Teaching GSS Students at Home
It is unfair for some students to have an advantage over others. GSS staff members sign a contract agreeing not to
Rules and Regulations for Students
We expect parents to help us to reinforce these rules and regulations by discussing them with their children at home.
The Communication with Families
A) Communication Book A communication book is sent home with the child everyday. For the KG Division, homework is
Disciplinary Measures
For simple disturbances and infractions of regulations like coming late or wearing improper uniform students will be
Immediate Dismissal from GSS
Students will be immediately expelled from GSS for any of the following behaviors:1)Smoking or using any other kind of
Dress Code
A) Students must wear a complete uniform every day. The GSS uniform consists of a vest and trousers or a vest and
Visitors to the School
All visitors to the school must visit the office. No visitor should go directly to the class. Visitors are not allowed
Student Absences
 A) Students must never be absent unless they are seriously sick. When a student does return to school after an
Student Arrival and Departure and the Security ID Card
A) Two ID cards are given to each family for each student. B) Students must arrive earlier than 8:00 a.m. each
Grading Scale
Pre-KG and KG Grading SystemA= ExcellentB= Good C= Needs improvement D= PoorF = Unsatisfactory, Failing Preparatory to
Testing, Marking, Student Evaluations, Promotion and Retention Policies
A)   Grade Reports are sent home at the end of each quarter. B)  Mid-term Progress Reports are sent home
Vacation Enrichment Program (VEP)
Academic ProgramThe Gibson School System offers a four week Vacation Enrichment Program for students who need support
VEP Extra Curricular Program Textbooks Policy
French, Arabic, Sports Camp, and Art Adventure are offered in the VEP program too!All textbooks which are provided GSS
Worksheets and Tests Policy
The GSS system includes students receiving frequent worksheets which complement and support the textbooks. These
School Supplies Needed for Learning
It is important for parents to know what his or her student should have in order to succeed in school.Families are
2018/2019 School Calendar
The Vacation Enrichment Program for 2019 is from Monday, July 15 to Friday, August 9First Semester: September 2018 to
Lost and Found
Items lost by the students and found in the classroom or around the campus will be kept in the lost and found area. If
The Gibson School Systems is fully accredited and licensed by Addis Ababa Regional Educational and Administrative Zones
Administrative decisions in the Gibson School Systems are made cooperatively by the school governing board which
Future of GSS
Development of a university and teacher training college are planned.
GSS School Song
Our school song was written by Leea Gibson, and it has its own actions. Ask your child to sing it with youGibson Youth
School Symbols and Their Meanings
What do the GSS school symbols mean? The two symbols of GSS are; Gibson Youth Academy - Making Young People Strong
BBC Honors GSS
Please visit the BBC website at this link where GSS has been honored by being chosen to represent Ethiopia as an

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